NEW Allergen friendly Vegan cheese!!!

Good day to you cheezy friends!

News from the good ol’ USA has reached us that there is a brand new vegan cheese brand on the block….and it’s made from beans!!!

New York couple, Kobi and Abev Regev, have created a new dairy-free cheese which they have aptly named ‘Pleese’; named in the mindset that people will ask for ‘extra pleese’ on their pizza.

Unsatisfied with current vegan cheese offerings in the marketplace, they wanted to create a cheese that would stand up to scrutiny from picky eaters whilst still having an authentic cheese taste.

Originally, the Regevs’ had planned to open a pizza restaurant, but later decided that bringing their products to grocery stores would have a greater impact on improving the planet on a wider scale.

Current vegan cheese offerings are majoritively may from soy and nuts, which can be problematic where allergy sufferers are concerned. These allergen ingredients have also been attracting further regulatory procedures and media attention lately after some retailers failed to market products containing these ingredients safely.  As a result,  it’s becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to sell products containing these ingredients in open or public spaces.

Pleese’s creators answer to this problem was to eliminate these allergens from their product whilst still making it a convincing dairy cheese substitute that even fussy children (and New Yorkers) would struggle to pick on. They have engineered what may be the first vegan bean cheese, as Pleese is a blend of white bean and potato proteins and has been designed with ‘meltability’ in mind, (great for the pizza lovers of New York).

Pleese’s website claims that it can be sliced, grated and melted easily. It is currently sold in slices or shreds and has up to seven different flavours which include mushroom, garlic, italian herb, caramelized onion, chipotle, sundried tomato and regular mozzarella style.

The website states that due to high demand, samples can only be requested by industry food experts that are interested in adding Pleese to their menu. It will not be available in retail stores for regular consumers to purchase until later in the year.

If any New Yorkers would like to give us some feedback on this new vegan bean cheese mastery we would love to hear from you, so do get in touch!

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